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4 years ago
Palmetto Cheese - The Pimento Cheese with Soul!

Southern Living
“... this classic pimiento is the runaway favorite...the way pimento cheese was meant to taste...” Guess which brand they are talking about 😁 ... See more

4 years ago

The first turtle nest in our 18 years at Sea View! 99 eggs!

Pawleys Island 37th being relocated out of the to be renourished area

4 years ago

Sometimes being a manager at Sea View is all fun and games. There’s a big game of Old Maid going down today! Thank you Kipp Chrismer, O’Neill, and Grayson Woley for always being available to our ... See more

5 years ago
Christy Lynch Designs

The friends and the photo tell a wonderful story!

"Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face". Not sure who said it, but I love it, just like I love these kids!!

5 years ago

The weather is going to be unseasonably mild the rest of this week at Pawleys Island and we’ve had some last minute cancellations.
Sooooo...are you looking for a few days at the beach July 23-27? ... See more

5 years ago

You think Ms Frances is loved? Well just check this out!

5 years ago

Throwin’ down low country deliciousness for 37 years.
Vertrella Brown, you rock!

5 years ago

Annual tradition with family and great friends. What a week!

5 years ago

Camille Henry and Paula Brown, then and now. Too cool...

5 years ago
A special ode to Miss Frances

If you love Sea View Inn, you are going to love this video.
A special ode to a very special lady.

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