Blue Heron Massage

In June of 2008, founder Lora P. Lindquist kicked off Flies to You in the Sea View Inn at Pawleys Island, South Carolina. The overwhelmingly positive response to the convenience of THE BEST MASSAGE YOU’VE EVER HAD made for natural success among vacationers at the beach.

We know that not all massage is created equal. Let our team of exceptional therapists take all the hassle out of making the time to take care of your most valuable asset–your health!

A Blue Heron Massage is a comprehensive approach facilitating the natural healing power of the body. We don’t just rub where it hurts, we figure out your underlying issues.

We work to:

• Reestablish fascial layers
• Retrain muscle fibers
• Create a new “normal” to reduce or eliminate pain and increase range of motion.

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